Healthy meal plan done in seconds!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. The smart meal plan assistant Jo shows healthy recipe picks for each meal and gives your time back to you.

Enjoy personal smart assistant experience when planning your meals

Imagine there is always someone at the other end of the chat who gives you fresh and healthy eating ideas each time you ask. This is exactly what happens when you plan your meals with Foodjo!

Easily decide what to eat, and maintain a balanced diet.

The meal plan assistant Jo shows healthy food for each meal you want to eat in a day. All recommended food includes cooking duration, macro nutrition value, calories, and allergens info as well as direct links to the original recipes.
Moreover, Jo also allows you to plan your original food and recipes!

Shop consciously and make a start on zero-waste eating

Once you plan a meal from the recommendations, Foodjo creates your shopping list automatically. It also shows you for which recipe you need this item.
You can also share your shopping list with your partner, flatmate or whomever you want!

Track easily what’s on your meal plan, keep your eating habits under control

Find your daily planned meals of the week on the meal calendar. Easily view what you will be eating during the week and have a clear view of your eating habits.
Do you also want to look back and have an idea about your eating habits in the past weeks? The history page allows you to see what you have eaten recently. You can re-plan any previous food here easily and even save more time!
Many more smart features to come.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I remove a meal from my plan?
Tap on the Edit button on top of the meal detail page. This will start the chat with Jo, and you will be able to remove the meal here.
Can I move a meal to another day?
Yes, you can. Tap on the Edit button on top of the meal detail page. This will start the chat with Jo and it will allow you to select a new day.
Can I move a meal to another meal time?
Yes, you can. Tap on the Edit button on top of the meal detail page. This will start the chat with Jo, and it will allow you to select a new mealtime.
How can I delete an item from my shopping list?
If you added an original recipe to your meal plan, go to Edit on the meal detail page and select Edit meal. The smart bot will show you the option to change the ingredients. You can remove any ingredient from this section by tapping the ingredient name. If you selected the meal from the recommendations, you can not delete the shopping list items as they are attached to the ingredients of that meal. However, regardless of it's selected from recommendation or an original recipe, all shopping list items that belong to a meal from the previous day will be automatically cleared up from your shopping list.
How can I edit an item on my shopping list?
Your shopping list is auto-generated, and each item comes from the ingredients list of a recipe. If you add a meal to your plan from the recommendations, you can't edit your shopping list as this may affect the calorie, macronutrients, and allergen info of your meal. However, you are allowed to edit the shopping list item on your original recipes. In this case, just tap the Edit button on top of the meal detail page. This will start the chat with Jo and it will allow you to edit your shopping list.
Why can't I see some previous meal plans?
Each meal is automatically removed from your weekly calendar once the day is over. You can find all the previous meals on the History page.
Why can't I see some items on my shopping list?
All shopping list items directly come from the planned meals. If any meals are moved to the History page at the end of the day, the items related to these meals are also automatically removed from your shopping list.
Where can I find the allergens info?
You can find allergens info under the ingredients list on the Meal Detail page.
How can I suggest a correction on a recipe?
You can contact with us at
Am I talking to a real person?
Yes and no :) Jo is a smart bot that is created to become your eating assistant. And we, the humans behind Jo, are working on teaching Jo at the moment towards your needs and expectations.
How can I write my original recipes?
After selecting the day and mealtime for your meal, you can pick a meal from the recommendations or tap the "Skip, I'll write my original recipe" button. When you tap this button, it directs you to the steps of writing your original recipe.
Is it also shared with other users when I write my original recipes?
No, your original recipes are only kept on your device.
How can I connect you?
You can share your ideas on the Feedback page. If you think your consideration is not represented on the Feedback page, you can contact us on
Foodjo Meal Plan Assistant is created by the product designer and software engineer life-partners who want to avoid wasting too much time to decide what to eat and how to maintain a healthy diet.
Considering the limited food options in our busy daily lives and taking inspiration from the recent clean and conscious eating trend overall the world, we came up with the idea of a smart, healthy eating assistant.
Our goal is to bring out smarter eating solutions with the leverage of the know-how we gained during our previous experience at Europe's technology scene.
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